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Talenthouse Case Study


Look How We Smashed it!

Service Offered:

Open Brief - jovoto

The Big Wins

682 Creatives

57 countries submitted

1,447 submissions

What We Love to See

Nothing beats seeing diversity of thought and talent be embraced by a global brand.

The Story

Curaprox knows that alongside providing premium dental care, good design also motivates people and helps to get them brushing their teeth, which is of course Curaprox's main goal! They love to see customers realize how effective their products are while enjoying the overall experience with Curaprox products, and wondered how might they bring these elements together to grow brand awareness.

More than 650 Creatives from all over the world got inspired by everything from disco to yetis to the color pink with illustration and graphic design to bring forth the next generation of Curaprox’s limited editions. €15K were awarded to our community. 

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