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Talenthouse Case Study


Look How We Smashed it!

Service Offered:

Concept Development & Unreal Engine Production

The Big Wins

10 Proposals

2 Short Films Produced to turn stories into games

What We Love to See

These types of opportunities are gems, and the end result speaks for itself!

The Story

10 Creatives from within the Talenthouse community were asked to create a concept proposal that translates the world of the selected video game (5 proposals per property) into a film. This involved taking the essence of the video game but applying a traditional film narrative arc and building out the concept, characters, and world as necessary in the process. 

Two Selected Creatives (one for each game property) were then asked to produce a more robust treatment concept for a short teaser trailer which will capture the key concepts and tone.  In collaboration with animators in the Talenthouse network we produced 2 90-second teaser trailers in Unreal Engine, with the intention of packaging the projects ready for production. 

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