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1939 Games proof of concept proves successful for Media Foundry by Talenthouse

1939 Games proof of concept proves successful for Media Foundry by Talenthouse with over 466 submissions of artwork and the opportunity to cut cost of acquisition down for gaming partners through Talenthouse’s 18+ million strong community of Creators.

Media Foundry by Talenthouse is celebrating a highly successful proof-of-concept run out alongside independent video game developer 1939 Games. Partnering with the studio, Media Foundry put together an open brief aimed at the Talenthouse community with the aim of engaging artists to create stunning, era-appropriate artwork for the title KARDS – The WWII Card Game.

The response to the brief exceeded all expectations, proving there’s a ravenous appetite for creatives to get their foot in the door of the video game industry. The open brief brought in a huge 466 submissions of artwork from creators across 35 different countries – and while only five could be chosen as the Selected Creators, there was plenty of superb work on show throughout.

Submissions to the KARDS – The WWII Card Game brief on Talenthouse can be found here.

The success of the Media Foundry by Talenthouse brief had an additional positive impact in user acquisition – as well as encouraging artistic submissions for the game, a campaign to raise awareness of the free-to-play title simultaneously took place. The cost to the developer was significantly lower than the $89 (on average) that it would cost to acquire a paying gaming customer normally, and the fact extra users/players could be acquired simply by running a brief of this type helped to show there’s more to the process than first meets the eye.

Safe to say: we’re onto something here.

Talenthouse Media Foundry launched late in 2021 and since then has partnered with 1939 Games and numerous other studios to help bring their projects to life, to promote titles, to make games, and to aid in development.

In this first year Media Foundry has seen its first successes realised, with the KARDS project sitting alongside numerous other endeavours both big and small - ones which will be made public when it’s appropriate to do so - all coming together to show there is a market for what Media Foundry and the broader Talenthouse family can offer. Basically: there are more routes to getting creative projects to market than through the old fashioned, less reliable, traditional routes.

Clare McKeeve, CEO at Talenthouse AG said: “Celebrating Media Foundry’s one-year anniversary is a joyous occasion and defining moment for us at Talenthouse. The games industry has consistently gone through phases of innovation to meet the needs of gamers whose high standards spurs on the need for studios to always look ahead; developers and studios continue to be the first to adopt new technologies to elevate their offering, from straightforward technical upgrades all the way through to concepts such as the metaverse, Web 3.0, or augmented reality. The 1939 partnership proves that Media Foundry can bring high value commercial propositions to the table by allowing studios to cut down costs of acquisition and access world class talent.”

Mike Gamble, Head of Strategy at Media Foundry by Talenthouse, said: “So much has changed about the industry over the decades, but one thing remains the same: making video games has always been a process in which developers have needed help. It could be coding, art, music, publishing, getting the finished product in front of the right audience, or a million other things. So I’m proud to see Media Foundry offering that helping hand to developers, wherever they might need it - the project alongside 1939 Games is a wonderful proof-of-concept, and the other things we’re beavering away on behind the scenes show there’s a huge appetite for what we can provide here. Everybody needs help at some point; we just happen to be the ones who can offer it!” 


About Media Foundry by Talenthouse

Media Foundry by Talenthouse aims to be the de-facto platform for Entertainment Creatives across all verticals, allowing them to build and take their projects to market while retaining creative control and company independence.

The core team is made up of experts from across the games and film & TV industries. The project is the brainchild of games industry veteran Mike Gamble who, after a decade at Epic leading their EMEA Unreal Engine business, left to build Media Foundry and is heading up its execution and delivery - at a time when the industry has never needed it more. We’ve also teamed up with Goldfinch who share our values and have developed an impressive approach for indie film & TV creatives.

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About Talenthouse AG

Talenthouse AG is a technology platform company, working with the world’s largest creative community of over 18 million+ members, to produce the highest quality digital content for many of the largest companies globally, including Universal Music Group, Bombay Sapphire and Unreal Engine.

Talenthouse AG, which unites the creative platforms of Talenthouse, EyeEm, Ello, Zooppa, Jovoto, Creative Commission and most recently, Coolabi a content monetisation business, is leading a structural shift in the way that content is produced, employing a platform business model to source content at the scale and quality required to keep pace with consumer demand in the digital age. In doing so, it is also opening up opportunities for a much larger pool of creative talent.

The company is registered in Switzerland and operationally headquartered in London with offices in LA, NYC, Philadelphia, Berlin, Venice and Peterborough.

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