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Talenthouse October roundup

We’ve had a busy month; throughout October, we are thrilled to have had coverage across many publications including Bloomberg, Deadline Hollywood and Yahoo Finance.

You can see our latest releases on our media page covering the acquisition of Coolabi, our dot arts’ ‘Digital Innovation in Arts’ award win at the GP Bullhound AllStars Awards, the launch of our Illustrations Collections, our commitment to invest $7 million in cash and shares in US-based digital SME banking provider, Nerve, and Coolabi’s participation in Imagine Kids + Family’s win for the rights to Working Partners and The Conan Doyle Estate’s highly sought after Baskerville Hall multi-book series.

About Talenthouse AG

Talenthouse AG is a technology platform company, working with the world's largest creative community of over 18 million members, to produce the highest quality digital content for many of the largest companies globally, including Netflix and Universal Music Group. Talenthouse AG, which unites the creative platforms of Talenthouse, EyeEm, Ello, Creative Commission, Coolabi, Zooppa and Jovoto, is leading a structural shift in the way that creative content is produced, employing a platform business model to source content at the scale and quality required to keep pace with consumer demand in the digital age. In doing so, it is also opening up opportunities for a much larger pool of creative talent.

The company is registered in Switzerland and operationally headquartered in London with offices in LA, NYC, Berlin, Venice, Peterborough and Philadelphia. For more information visit:

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