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Brands need to be creative now more than ever.

If you're looking for fresh creative, bring your project to Talenthouse to really make it sing

The LIONs State of Creativity Report 2021 surveyed 1500 media professionals and marketers, and found that 80% of them feel that upskilling their creative workforce is a priority.

The pandemic has highlighted our need for meaningful connection and communication, and brands who can’t cut the creative mustard are being left behind. 

Image from Talenthouse Creator Taras Matviychuk

“The pandemic is fundamentally changing what people want and businesses need to evolve to accommodate these new expectations,” says Charlotte Williams, Lions VP of Content. “Old ways of thinking and ‘sticking to what’s worked in the past’ simply won’t do.”

The report pointed out that “brands are currently disinclined to deviate from what appear to be safe tactics,” despite the gargantuan need for boundary-pushing creative. The report continues to say that while “lost in a sea of sameness, brands risk missing out on a raft of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities."

Enter: Talenthouse. Of course we’re going to blow our own trumpet here, it’s a very shiny trumpet that’s been crafted by a community of - quite literally - millions of creatives around the world. For brands feeling cautious about taking bolder steps into brighter, sharper creative, or for brands who are comfortable in their courageous creative executions but are looking for fresh ideas, Talenthouse can turn your blank pages into reams of unique, innovative proposals.

Image from Talenthouse Creator Ajeyshwar Dayal

We often hold the hands of brands who are apprehensive about briefing an enormous creative community, and who are unsure if they’ll receive any work that really speaks to them. Seeing a client’s jaw drop open when presented with a wealth of high quality, on-brief, original creative content from our global community will never get old. These are ideas and offerings that would never come to fruition in your conference rooms. These are creations made by your target audience, speaking to the values and aesthetics that make them tick. These are better than any traditional agency could supply you, and are never a re-hashed version of an idea that another brand didn’t like.

Brands who source their creative through Talenthouse often end up purchasing more work than they ever imagined they would be able to walk away with, after being blown away by the staggering skill and quality of the submissions they received from our community. 

As mentioned in the LIONS report, “The breadth and depth of creativity is constantly changing, enhanced by new developments in data and technology. Creativity can be experienced in design, innovation, commerce and transformation. It always requires fresh thinking on how it is applied.” Ask yourself, is this really something you can achieve with your current in-house team?

Have a look at some of our favorite client case studies, and pop us an email to ask about the stunning creative we could provide for your brand. From logo designs to merchandise, advertisements, posters, packaging, gifs or 3D executions, the options with Talenthouse are limitless. 

We will also accept photos of your dog.